Advanced PC Media LLC Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy for all web sites provided by Advanced PC Media LLC including,, and collectively defined as our “Sites.”

Data Collected & How We Use It

We do not directly collect or store any of your personal information when using our Sites. We do not even generate web server logs as we do not want to directly have any form of your personal information such as your IP Address.

However, we are a business that operates by providing free content supported by advertising. As such, our Sites use Google AdSense to sell and display advertising and collect relevant information to support that goal. In addition, we use Google Analytics to track where you go on our Sites so we can view generalized statistics such as how many people read a particular article or visit the site in general.

This works by embedding special HTML code provided by Google into our Sites which allows Google to collect information about your browser, platform, IP address, and the page you are visiting to push relevant advertisements to the page and track a page view for visitor statistics.

In addition, some of our Sites support the capability to comment on an article. We leverage the popular Disqus service to provide this functionality. As such, Disqus may see your browser, platform, IP address, and the page you are visiting when they are serving up the comments for an article. Any time you comment on an article you are also using the Disqus service who operates the comment capability end-to-end. Your comments and personal visit information are never stored on Advanced PC Media LLC servers.

How to Opt-Out

If you would like to continue to use our Sites while limiting data collection of our third-party partners, you have the right to do so by visiting the following links provided to Opt-Out:


Some of the Sites provided by Advanced PC Media utilize cookies. These cookies are used to store local session data so our web server can assemble and serve you with the web page you requested.

Our third-party partners may use cookies. See the Privacy Policies in the next section for more details.

Third Party Partner Privacy Policies

Below is the complete list of third-party partners we may use across all Sites: