The Story of Advanced PC Media

The internet was a relatively new and exciting place back in 1997. Steve Sinchak, with his one-person company, Web Resource Consulting, was passionate about helping local Chicago businesses explore this new frontier. He built interactive websites, making the world of online commerce more accessible to them.

As technology evolved and the "dot-com" bubble burst, Steve decided to embark on a new journey. He began creating his own web properties, filled with informative and engaging content, all supported by advertising. These sites slowly grew in popularity, eventually reaching a global audience of 100,000 daily users and generating hundreds of millions of page views. It was a rewarding experience, filled with learning and constant adaptation. Steve’s journey took him from shared hosting to dedicated servers, then to managing an entire co-location cage, before finally landing in the vast expanse of the public cloud.

Today, Advanced PC Media LLC serves as a holding company for these various projects that have survived. Some were created in those early days, while others are brand-new ventures, fueled by a desire to learn, a love of a challenge, and a hope to create something useful and engaging for others.